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Security Checklist

Below is a helpful checklist of information on things you should consider to keep your new home or business safe.


  • Do all exterior doors have high-quality deadbolts? (High Security/Medium Security/Light Security)
  • If doors have glass, are the deadbolts a double cylinder type?
  • Are door strikes high security and secured into framing studs?
  • Are repairs needed to upgrade the strength of door frames?
  • Are the outside hinge pins of doors secure?
  • Do doors have wide-angle viewers?
  • Are locks on sliding patio doors sufficient?
  • Are doors leading to basements and garages as secure as exterior doors?
  • When you moved into your new facility, did you have all locks re-keyed?
Newcomb and Sons, 718 Tennessee St., Vallejo CA
Newcomb & Sons, 718 Tennesee St., Vallejo, CA


  • Are windows sturdy and in good repair?
  • Are windows secured with high-quality secondary locks?
  • Are widows opening into fire escapes, patios and balconies locked when unattended?
  • Are basement windows secured from being forced open from the outside?

Lighting and Shrubbery

  • Are shrubs trimmed low to prevent a burglar from hiding near windows and doors?
  • Are all entrances illuminated?
  • Are all exterior lights located high enough to prevent tampering?
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